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Find out which celebrities use healing crystals

The use of crystals for healing has grown in popularity over the past few years, and celebrities have not escaped the trend.

Find out which celebrities are using litotherapy and see their crystal collections!

Jenna Dewan

The actress and dancer is not unfamiliar with the use of alternative medicine, calling herself “hippie at heart”.

You will find on her Instagram page several photos of her very large collection of crystals and of herself after a session of cupping.

She also discussed her favorite crystals and how she uses them on her YouTube channel .


Shay Mitchell
While pregnant with her first child, a girl named Atlas born in October 2019, the actress posted a photo of herself surrounded by crystals.

A few years earlier, she had shared the contents of her purse with US Weekly. It included among other things a lucky crystal, she had gotten before her appearance on an American talk show to help her calm down.


Megan Fox
The actress posed with a crystal on her forehead to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the movie Jennifer’s Body, in which she plays a demonic teenage girl who kills her male classmates.


Kate Hudson
The actress revealed to her fans how she keeps her favorite moisturizer. And you guessed it, it includes crystals! Kate Hudson places her bottles on crystals to give them a boost of energy.

During an interview with Marie Claire in 2013, the actress also revealed that on her nightstand is "a crystal bowl filled with rose-quartz heart crystals that my mom gave me for Mother's Day one year".


Debra Messing
The actress posted on her Instagram page a selfie in which she is wearing a necklace with a massive malachite pendant. She said that she always felt the energy of stones and that it makes perfect sense to her that what comes from the Earth carries certain vibrations.


Bella Hadid
The supermodel's mother, who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, has revealed giving gifts focused on wellness. She gave her daughters Gigi and Bella crystals, and the youngest certainly appreciated the gift, as she shared her collection a few times on her Instagram page.


Busy Phillips
The actress regularly wears a necklace with a crystal pendant.

"I’ve been into crystals since I was a child — we’ve been into crystals in Arizona since the dawn of time," she confessed in an interview with US Weekly. "I wear a lot of them, and I carry a big clear quartz that a friend gave me for good luck when I moved to L.A."

Julianne Hough
“I’m definitely getting more into minerals and elements of the earth and kind of learning about the energies they hold,” said the judge of Dancing with the Stars during an interview with Elite Daily.

She also takes baths surrounded by crystals, to unwind and relax.


Kylie Jenner
The young American billionaire not only showed her crystal collection to her fans on her Instagram page, but she also posed in an outfit made entirely of tangerine quartz , which symbolizes perseverance and strength and promotes creativity and acceptance of change.

These celebrities are not the only ones! British singer Adele has admitted in the past that she often gets stage fright before her performances. She has been using crystals to help her calm her nerves and has attributed the success of certain performances to having her crystals on stage with her as well as blaming the fact that she lost them before what she describes as her worst performance.

Miranda Kerr likes to wear her crystals against her skin and she candidly admitted in an interview to wearing them in her bra. Her passion for crystals comes from her grandparents. She said her grandfather loved to give them as a present to her grandmother, who had an impressive collection.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell travels with crystals; black tourmaline and rose quartz as symbols of protection and love.

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