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Introducing our Prestige collection!

Our new Prestige collection includes new bracelets for men and women. The bracelets seen below are part of the collection, but don't waste any time and go browse our entire collection by clicking on the image!

This collection also introduces new semi-precious stones to our collection which offers you a wider array of therapeutic effects. We also added some stones of superior grade, as well as spacers in stainless steel and 925 sterling silver . 

Black agate

Black agate is a symbol of strength. It brings emotional balance and refocuses energies.


Garnet is a stone of engagement; it promotes fidelity, helps friendships and strengthens the creative spirit.

K2 jasper

The K2 jasper brings peace, good will and balance.

Blue terra jasper

Blue terra jasper promotes self-esteem and creativity, in addition to being very useful in meditation.


Recognized for the strength and softness it brings, seraphinite jade is a very soothing stone that offers balance and self-acceptance.

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Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

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