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Introducing our Duo collection for Mini & Me!

Our Duo collection has been designed to twin with your mini! Cute designs with soft colored stones and cute charms will make you think of your little ones during long days at the office when you’d rather be out playing with them.

Twinning is a very popular trend these days and it’s easy to see why: we all have a photo in our phones of a kid in our family wearing her mom’s heels or lipstick. Our kids see what we do and mimicking our every move and habits is a huge part of their development. Wearing the same bracelet or piece of clothing as mommy or daddy is something they enjoy.

With our new collection, you can let your kids do exactly that. We also have unisex bracelets so you can do the same with your boys!

Our semi-precious stones all have protective or healing virtues; be sure to visit our Stones page to find out more about their effects.

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