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New Prestige Collection - Fall Vibes

There is no doubt, fall is upon us! Department stores have started to fill their shelves with Halloween decorations, costumes, and candy, the colder weather is perfect for our big woolen sweaters and we all at least thought about making our first trip to Starbucks. for a pumpkin spice latte.

At Zen Stone, the arrival of fall means the introduction of our very first Prestige collection. This new collection is inspired by fall colours and introduces news stones. These stones include malachite, kyanite, and botswana agate.

Inspired by the largest forests of the world, this collection is made up of bracelets with autumnal hues thanks to the different wooden beads that compose them. Discover our selection here.

Malachite is inspiring, purifying and opens the heart. It strengthens stability in romantic relationships and is known to provide protection to children. It calms stress, brings determination and encourages change. 

Stone of discernment, lucidity and reconciliation, the bronzite stone was formerly used as a protective amulet. It revives energy and releases negative waves. 

Apatite is the stone of change. It brings calm, dispels lack of safety, and helps fight against overweight. 

Stone of temperance, bringing balance and harmony, the rainbow moonstone promotes intuition and psychic abilities. It brings happiness and reduces the risk of accidents, so it is a good asset for travellers. 

Excellent anti stress stone, kyanite helps overcome indecision and hesitation due to confusion. It promotes self-acceptance and improves the quality of sleep. 

Aquamarine is the stone of relationships and voyance. It reduces stress, calms the mind, and brings cheerfulness. It’s a purifying stone and a good luck charm. 

Stone of peace, Botswana agate reduces stress, depression and anxiety. It helps to support good resolutions and is particularly active on morale. It neutralizes everything that poisons us emotionally. 

Stone of evolution, the African turquoise brings self confidence and tolerance. It clears the mind. It’s the sacred stone.

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