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How do crystals heal? Learn more

Therapeutic effects

Discover the powers of our stones Learn more

7 charkras

Harmonize, balance, open, and heal the regions of the different chakras. By wearing this jewel, you benefit from the vibrational energies of minerals and their virtues. These stones revitalize.
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Rose quartz

Stone of unconditional love. It brings love, compassion, and peace. It calms depression, solitude, guilt, and jealousy.
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Amethyst is the stone of peace. It regenerates the overall state and has an invigorating and protective action. It boosts metabolism and strengthens willpower, protects your spiritual relationships, and soothes fear and anger.
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Howlite is a stabilizing stone. It brings calm and self-understanding, resolves negative energies, takes away depression, and rebalances hypersensitivity. It is a good stone to help with weight loss.
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Picture Jasper

Picture jasper improves imagination and creativity. It offers moral support, improves mental alertness, and helps cope with the changes in life. It strengthens and increases resilience, as well as holding important healing properties.
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Stone of luck, aventurine brings creative prosperity. It attracts wealth and success, stimulates positive thinking, and the feeling of independence. It also protects travelers.
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Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the stone of happiness, friendship, and love. It stimulates intelligence and imagination, has a balancing effect, and improves the quality of sleep. It eases anger, brings acknowledgment and success.
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Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is a protective stone contributing to the enhancement of psychic abilities. It brings independence, optimism, and clear thinking. It protects your wealth and attracts money. It boosts anticipation.
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Black Onyx

Black onyx contributes to the realization of the karma and brings strength and sturdiness. It improves self-control and emotional balance and helps against harassment and negative influences.
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Labradorite is a mystic and protective stone, as well as being known as the stone of change. It attracts abundance and wealth, relieves mood swings, anxiety and stress, and eases pain. It also develops intuition.
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