What is Zen Stone?

Zen Stone is a trademark, and its products are manufactured and distributed by Distribution CYM inc.

I have allergies. Is it possible to wear your jewelry?

Absolutely. Some stones are even known to have calming properties for conditions such as allergies.

Every product has a detailed description of the stones and materials used. If you have severe allergies by contact with certain materials, we invite you to pay particular attention to these descriptions.

If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, clearly indicating your allergies so that we can assist you and help you find a bracelet with the properties you are looking for and that you can wear safely.

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that involves using the healing powers of precious and semi-precious stones. The very principle of this form of alternative medicine is based on the use of the energies contained in the stones to heal psychically, emotionally or spiritually.

The word lithotherapy is derived from the contraction of two Greek words, "lithos" which means "stone" and "therapeia", which means "to heal".

Several methods are used in lithotherapy to benefit from stones:

  • Wearing stones
  • Elixirs prepared from stones
  • Massage accessories
  • Meditation accessories
  • Decorative items

Do you deliver to all countries of the world?

We deliver all over the world. However, all customs duties and fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Distribution CYM inc. and Zen Stone

do not pay the duties, which will be charged by customs when arriving in your country. We invite you to consult our Shipping section.

Is everything done in Canada?

All our jewelry is designed and made at our warehouse, located in Montreal, QC.

Do your jewelry really heal?

Litotherapy has existed since the dawn of time and crystals have been associated with specific parts of the body and organs for thousands of years. They heal holistically, acting on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being.

However, they do not replace treatments recommended by a health professional. They act in addition to these treatments and drugs recommended by your specialist. The use of stones and stones only will not cure a physical ailment.

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