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Precious stones

Litotherapy is part of alternative energy therapies, it does not replace modern medicine.

Wearing a stone does not in any way replace the diagnosis or medical treatment established by a doctor. We give this information as an indication according to reference work in the field.

The use of stones does not engage our responsibility.

7 chakras

This bracelet is made of aquamarine, kyanite, and blue electro quartz. This bracelet is made of aquamarine, kyanite, and blue electro quartz. Semi-precious stones. Made in Quebec.


Agate brings calm and serenity, helps fight anxiety and stress. It dissolves internal inhibitions and barriers and helps regain the balance of energies and emotions.

Botswana agate

Stone of peace, Botswana agate reduces stress, depression, and anxiety. It helps support good resolutions and is particularly powerful to help with morale. It neutralizes everything that poisons us emotionally.

Fire agate

Fire agate is beneficial for memory and cognitive functions. It allows you to overcome your fears and insecurities to face the obstacles standing in your way. It also helps repel negative energies.

Moss agate

Moss agate is the stone of communication with nature. It fortifies the immune system and helps overcome anxiety, stress, and tensions. It has numerous curative powers.

Black agate

Symbolizing strength, black agate will help you with emotional balance. It tends to refocus energies and to keep negative energies away. It gives additional stability and increases self-confidence.


Aquamarine is the stone of relationships and clairvoyance. It reduces stress, calms the mind, and brings cheerfulness. It’s a purifying stone and a good luck charm.


Amazonite is a stone of truth and integrity. Good for self-esteem, it offers protection against gossip, bad rumors, and abusers. It fosters good working relations and brings luck.


Amethyst is the stone of peace. It regenerates the overall state and has an invigorating and protective action. It boosts metabolism and strengthen willpower, protects your spiritual relationships, and soothes fear and anger.


Apatite is the stone of change. It brings calm, dispels lack of safety, and helps control overweight.


Stone of luck, aventurine brings creative prosperity. It attracts wealth and success, stimulates positive thinking, and the feeling of independence. It also protects travelers.


Stone of discernment, lucidity, and reconciliation, bronzite was formerly used as a protective amulet. It revives energy and releases from negative energies.


Stone of intuition, wisdom, and harmony, charoïte strongly contributes to mental balance by acting on fears and obsessions. It promotes creativity.


Stone of communication and financial balance, chrysocolla stimulates compassion, forgiveness, and peace. It helps to adapt to change, rekindles hope, and neutralizes negative energies in the house.


As the stone of prosperity, citrine promotes good physical and mental health. It stimulates a zest for life and satisfaction, increases self-confidence and creativity, and encourages honesty.


Carnelian brings vitality and joyful energy. It has a calming effect on hot-tempered persons and is efficient for abdominal and intestinal pains. It protects against poverty.

Crystal quartz

Crystal quartz is a receptor, a transmitter, and an amplifier at the same time. It helps solve many concerns, purifies, and harmonizes. It is a sacred stone that brings pure energy and power.


Excellent against stress, kyanite helps overcome indecision and hesitation due to confusion. It promotes self-acceptance and improves the quality of sleep.

Blue goldstone

Blue goldstone charges the body with energy and clarifies thoughts. It instills confidence and ambition, promotes vitality, helps stabilize emotions, and keep calm. It is particularly helpful when you are wishing for something to come true.


A stone of loyalty and friendship, garnet encourages commitment. It promotes creativity and a thirst for knowledge. It gives new energy and stimulates memory.


Stone of courage and energy, hematite restores optimism. It improves self-confidence and will, fights shyness and fear of the unknown. It helps overcome addictions and compulsions.


Howlite is a stabilizing stone. It brings calm and self-understanding, resolves negative energies, takes away depression, and rebalances hypersensitivity. It is a good stone to help with weight loss.

Aqua terra jasper

Aqua terra jasper represents earth and water. It brings you the charm of nature and helps bring peace, love, and confidence. This stone has a strong healing power for emotional problems and is a good ally to move forward in life.

Rainforest jasper

Forest jasper helps get rid of the feeling of helplessness, calms the mind and its doubts, and stimulates the immune system.

Grey jasper

Grey jasper has an invigorating effect. This stone facilitates digestion, alleviates back pain, and muscle cramps. It reduces stress, brings balance and courage.

K2 jasper

Stone of peace and goodwill, k2 jasper helps better control emotions, focus, and balance. It instills a sense of peace, conciliation, and reconciliation, in addition to awakening intuitive abilities.

Picture jasper

Picture jasper improves imagination and creativity. It offers moral support, improves mental alertness, and helps cope with the changes in life. It strengthens and increases resilience, as well as holding important healing properties.

Blue terra jasper

Blue terra jasper helps with self-esteem, meditation, and creativity. This stone reduces stress and balances pain.


Kunzite is a spiritual and protective stone whose energy is very soft and tender. Its comforting vibration allows you to be yourself, to discover new talents or areas of interest.


Labradorite is a mystic and protective stone, as well as being known as the stone of change. It attracts abundance and wealth, relieves from mood swings, anxiety and stress, and eases pain. It also develops intuition.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the stone of happiness, friendship, and love. It stimulates intelligence and imagination, has a balancing effect, and improves the quality of sleep. It eases anger, brings acknowledgment and success.


Lepidolite provides a feeling of inner peace and serenity in addition to bringing good luck. It helps manage and stabilize emotions and is very useful in difficult times and in all major changes in life.


Malachite is inspiring, purifying, and opens the heart. It strengthens stability in romantic relationships and is known to provide protection to children. It calms stress, brings determination, and encourages change.

Tiger's eye

Tiger's eye is a protective stone contributing to the enhancement of psychic abilities. It brings independence, optimism, and clear thinking. It protects your wealth and attracts money. It boosts anticipation.

Blue tiger's eye

Pierre de l'ouverture d’esprit et de renouveau, l’œil de tigre bleu apporte la chance, la concentration et la confiance en soi. Cette pierre organise les pensées et les idées, et aide à trouver le courage et la volonté. Elle est bénéfique au niveau physique.

Black onyx

Black onyx contributes to the realization of the karma and brings strength and sturdiness. It improves self-control and emotional balance and helps against harassment and negative influences.

Lava stone

Lava stone stimulates and reinforces your spiritual goal. It widens the horizons, brings self-awareness, and acts against negativity and the unconscious problems of the karma. It helps manage anger and get free from it. It harmonizes.


Moonstone has powerful effects on the body and fertility and boosts sensuality. It soothes the soul and stimulates imagination and creativity. It can be used as a good luck charm.

Rainbow moonstone

Pierre de tempérance, apportant équilibre et harmonie, la pierre de lune arc-en-ciel favorise l’intuition et les capacités psychiques. Elle apporte le bonheur, réduit les risques d’accident et est un bon atout des voyageurs.


As a very positive and energizing stone, pyrite repels the negative energies that surround us. It helps achieve your dream projects, soothes the breathing system, and helps to break off of nicotine addiction.

Rainbow quartz

Rainbow quartz, because it carries all the colors of the rainbow, can stimulate each of the 7 chakras. This stone brings good luck and relieves the pain and anxiety surrounding you.

Pink quartz

Pink quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It brings love, compassion, and peace. It calms depression, solitude, guilt, and jealousy.


Known for the strength and softness it releases, seraphinite allows letting go, self-awareness and acceptance. It brings natural calm, balance, and vitality necessary for your well-being.


Shattuckite is a spiritual stone promoting intuition and psychic abilities. It provides clarity of mind and helps memory. This is a good stone for anyone who has to speak in front of large groups. It also improves general health.


Sodalite brings stability, fidelity, and self-confidence. It clarifies your thoughts, promotes concentration, and intelligence. It relieves pain and calms anxiety. It facilitates weight loss and develops the sixth sense.


Turquoise is a healing stone with strong curative powers. It harmonizes the physical being with the higher circles. It acts for protection, health, happiness, and promotes positive thoughts.

African turquoise

African turquoise is the stone of evolution. It brings self-confidence and tolerance and clears the mind. It’s the sacred stone.

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