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10 ways to purify your semi-precious stones

Purifying your crystals should be part of your routine to maximize their healing and protective vibes.

Your routine should be made of four steps: cleansing, recharging, activating, and programming. All these steps are detailed in another blog post you can read here.

There are multiple ways to purify your crystals depending on their colour, size, or type. Find out how here.

Immersion in tap water

By completely submerging your stones in tap water, you neutralize any negative energies they can carry and return them to Earth. When you are done, gently dry your stones.

⌛ One minute per stone

✅ Hard stones, such as quartz and amethyst

🚫 Crumbly stones, such as kyanite

Immersion in saltwater

Saltwater will absorb unwanted energies and get rid of negativity. If possible, use seawater, otherwise, mix a tablespoon of sea or table salt in a bowl of water.

Submerge your stones completely, then rinse and dry them gently.

⌛ Up to 48 hours

✅ Hard stones, such as quartz and amethyst

🚫 Porous stones or stones with traces of metal such as malachite and lepidolite

Burying in brown rice

This technique removes negative energy and disperses it in a safe place. Fill a bowl with dry brown rice and bury your stone in it. Dispose of the rice as soon as you are done.

⌛ 24 hours

✅ All stones, although particularly beneficial for protection stones like black tourmaline

Natural light

Natural light can be used for two types of purification.

Ritual purification: During specific moments of the solar or lunar cycle.

Purification and recharge: At any time of the solar or lunar cycle

In either case, place your stones outside before dark, and bring them back indoors by 11 am By doing it this way, your stones will bathe in both the rays of the moon and the sun. If possible, and for deeper purification, place the stone directly on the earth. When finished, rinse and gently pat the stones dry.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can erode the stone surface. It is for this reason that we advise you to bring in your stones before 11 am.

In addition, some crystals concentrate the rays to the point they can create a fire. Always pay attention when using this purification method. Remember that the rays of the sun or light move from hour to hour and be strategic when choosing where you put your stones so that they benefit fully from the rays.

⌛ 10-12 hours

✅ For most polished stones

🚫 Vibrant stones such as amethyst and soft stones, which can be damaged by the elements


Sage is a sacred plant with several healing properties. For this purification method, you will need a bowl, matches, and sage.

Preferably outside or in front of an open window to let the smoke and negative energies disperse, set the sage on fire. Hold the sage in your non-dominant hand and hold your stone with the other hand. Slowly move your stone through the smoke.

⌛ 30 to 60 seconds

✅ All stones


Frequencies and sound waves have the ability to repair and bring your stones into the same vibration as yourself. Sound healing can be accomplished through singing, singing bowls, tuning forks, or bells. The sound in itself does not matter.

What matters is that it is loud enough for the vibration to surround the crystal.

⌛ 5-10 minutes

✅ All stones; ideal if you own a very large number of crystals and semi-precious stone jewelry.

Using larger crystals

The vibrations of amethyst geodes, clusters of crystals, or even selenite blocks remove the non-harmonious energies they find in the stones to be purified. You just need to place your stones to be purified directly on your larger crystals.

⌛ About 24 hours

✅ All stones

Using smaller crystals

Carnelian, quartz crystal, and hematite all have properties that allow them to purify other stones. Because they are generally smaller, you will need a large number of them to effectively purify your other stones.

Place your stones with purifying properties in a bowl and add the stones to be purified on them.

⌛ About 24 hours

✅ All stones


Breathing techniques can also purify your stones and bring them to their highest vibrations.

Hold your stone in your dominant hand, focus on an intention and bring your stone close to your face. While breathing through your nose, breathe in and breathe out short, powerful breaths directly on the stone.

⌛ About 30 seconds per stone

✅ For small stones


Visualization is considered to be the safest method for clensing your stones. The more you are in harmony with yourself, the easier it will be for you to redirect this energy to your stones.

Take a few moments to focus your energy, then take your stone and visualize your hands being filled with radiant white light. See this light surround the stone and feel it grow brighter in your hands. Imagine the impurities coming out of the stone, allowing it to shine more brightly. Keep going until you feel a change in the energy of the stone.

⌛ About 1 minute per stone

✅ All stones

Photo par Dani Costelo sur Unsplash

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