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Caring for Your Semi-Precious Stones 101

To help your semi-precious stones take care of you, you need to take care of them.

Your care regimen should always include 4 steps:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Charging
  3. Activating
  4. Programming


    Semi-precious stones can be useful in various aspects of our lives - they can protect us from negative energies, attract good luck, or improve memory and intelligence, among so many other properties.

    When semi-precious stones or crystals are used for their different healing or protective powers, they absorb and transform vibrations and negative energies and transform them into positive energy.

    When used frequently, the stones do not have enough time to purify themselves. If they are not purified, they become saturated and lose their effectiveness.

    • When
      Before you first use them, to release them from the energies with which they may have been charged during their preparation between the source and the buyer;
    • When they lose their luster;
    • After being used for group guidance or having been handled by several people;
    • After being used following a tragic event from which you wanted to get rid of the negative energies.

    There are many methods to purify your crystals: by immersing them in running water, in salt water or in brown rice; using sage; using other crystals; or even through sound, breathing or visualization.

    Specific aspects
    Note that some stones do not need to be purified, such as kyanite and citrine.

    In addition, some crystals can be used to purify others. This is the case with crystal quartz and carnelian.

    Once used for purification of other crystals, be sure to clean them.


    We use semi-precious stones in our daily life to heal us from various ailments, protect us, or improve certain aspects of our lives. So that the stones composing your bracelet can act to their full potential, you must be sure to recharge them.

    These same powers that we seek are imparted to stones by light and vibration.

    Place your stones in the sunlight for an hour. However, pale-colored stones prefer the soft rays of a full moon.

    You can also talk or sing, or use other very energetic stones like crystal quartz, kyanite, or carnelian.


    Activating your stones allows you to tune in with your them and allow them to tune themselves to your energy.

    Always remember to reload your stones after their activation.

    Hold them, roll them in your hands, or spend time with them.


    Semi-precious stones all have their own properties. It can still be interesting to program them and assign them an intention. This will help you connect with the energy of your crystal or stones.

    After purification, activation, and recharging of your stones.

    Decide the purpose of your stone and visualize it. You can meditate or place the stone on one of the 7 chakras according to your needs, and the intention you want to attribute to your stone.


    Several crystals are fragile or friable. On the other hand, the polished crystals that make up your jewelry are more solid, thanks to the treatments they received during their transformation.

    However, we recommend you store your jewelry in a bag, separate from other types of crystals.

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