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The best stones to offer as gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, no doubt you’re thinking about all the shopping you need to get done in time. If you are thinking of giving semi-precious stone bracelets to your loved ones, keep reading! We have a few tips to help you make your selection!

Semi-precious stones have been used for their powers across cultures for several centuries. In addition to their therapeutic effects, they are of course sought after for their aesthetic side and their beauty.

There are many options if you’re looking for a gift, from crystals and gems to tumbled stones and jewelry. The last one has a fair advantage for those who may wish to benefit from their therapeutic effects wherever they go as you can easily wear them and carry them around.

A few tips…

If you are offering your crystals or stones to someone who is already familiar with lithotherapy, you can easily discuss the effects of the stones you have decided to offer.

On the other hand, if the person is skeptical of their powers or even doesn't know them at all, you might not want to go into as much detail and only tell them you’ve chosen these stones because their powers made you think about them and you thought they would make a wonderful gift.

And of course, before giving your gift, don't forget to purify and set an intention.

The best stones to offer as gifts


Amethyst is a powerful protection stone with many curative powers, which makes it a very easy stone to offer as a gift. It has a toning action and regenerates the general condition. This crystal purifies the mind, defeats negative thoughts, and calms fear and anger. It is very useful in meditation because it helps with concentration.

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Pink quartz is the stone of unconditional love; it brings love in our lives and reminds us to be compassionate to ourselves and to others. Its gentle energy of compassion, peace and tenderness gently removes negative energies to replace them with harmony and emotional balance. Isn't that a wonderful gift to give to someone dear to us?

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Malachite is inspiring, purifying, and opens the heart. It is a very powerful stone of protection, and a wonderful gift to offer to a loved on. It strengthens stability in romantic relationships and is known to provide protection to children. It calms stress, brings determination, and encourages change.

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As a very positive and energizing stone, pyrite repels the negative energies that surround us. It helps achieve your dream projects, soothes the breathing system, and helps to break off of nicotine addiction.

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Crystal quartz is a sacred stone that balances and harmonizes the 7 chakras. It’s an excellent all-purpose stone, making it a very useful gift for anyone starting a collection. This stone brings calm and inner peace, filters distractions and helps with concentration, making it very useful when meditating.

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Labradorite is a mystic and protective stone, as well as being known as the stone of change. Magical and luminous, each stone is unique. It attracts abundance and wealth, relieves from mood swings, anxiety and stress, and eases pain. It also develops intuition.

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