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Top 3 stones for fall

Fall, a transitional season, is a great time to recharge your batteries after a long summer of adventure. For this reason, we bring you a top 3 stones that will help you achieve balance in this time of transition by allowing you to stay connected to nature and in good physical and emotional health.

Aventurine - For a healthy body

Aventurine blocks negative energies and encourages wisdom and learning. As the temperature transitions from the hot, sunny days of summer to the cold, rainy days of October, aventurine, with its metabolism-fortifying and disease-repelling properties, can be very helpful in preventing runny noses and sore throats. It is also known to maintain healthy organs.

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Citrine - To fight seasonal depression

Citrine brings good luck and wealth and is one of the only stones that never really needs to be cleansed. Known for its very positive energy, it becomes a particularly strong asset for people suffering from seasonal depression. Thanks to its positive energy, helps people cope with the changes brought by the new season, such as days getting shorter and lack of light.

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Moss agate - For a balance with plants

Moss agate helps us feel less sensitive and more objective so we can enjoy the transition that fall brings. This stone also represents the fertility of plants; it thus offers a nice balance with the dead leaves surrounding us in the fall.

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BONUS -  Stones with autumnal hues

Pour vous aider à agencer vos pierres semi-précieuses à votre look d'automne grâce à leurs couleurs, voici une liste de pierres qui sauront vous satisfaire! 

Fire agate, with its hues ranging from yellow to dark orange and brown

Citrine with its orange-yellow color
Carnelian, varying in color from burnt orange to amber
Garnet, with its deep red

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