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Top 5 stones for beginners

Lithotherapy, which means "healing with stones", is an alternative medicine which consists in using the healing powers of precious and semi-precious stones. The very principle of this form of alternative medicine is based on the use of the vibrations and energies the stones carry to heal on the psychic, emotional and spiritual levels.

The word lithotherapy is taken from the contraction of two Greek words, "lithos" which means "stone" and "therapeia", which means "to heal".

Several methods are used in lithotherapy to benefit from the benefits of stones:

  • Wearing stones

  • Elixirs prepared from stones

  • Massage accessories

  • Meditation accessories

  • Decorative objects

With thousands of precious and semi-precious stones to choose from, it can be confusing and even intimidating to start your journey with crystal healing.

For this reason, we have decided to prepare this list of five crystals that are versatile and whose properties can help you in several situations.


Amethyst is a powerful protection stone with many curative powers. It has a toning action and regenerates the general condition. This crystal purifies the mind, defeats negative thoughts, and calms fear and anger. It is very useful in meditation because it helps with concentration.

You can also use amethyst to purify other crystals, which makes it a must-have in your collection.

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Crystal quartz

Crystal quartz is a sacred stone able to bring you calm and inner peace. It filters distractions and helps with concentration, making it very useful when meditating. This stone balances and harmonizes the 7 chakras, and reconnects us to our past lives. The crystal quartz clarifies thoughts and communication.

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Pink quartz

Pink quartz is the stone of unconditional love; it brings love in our lives and reminds us to be compassionate to ourselves and to others. Its gentle energy of compassion, peace and tenderness gently removes negative energies to replace them with harmony and emotional balance. Pink quartz calms depression, loneliness, guilt and jealousy, and loosens our emotional wounds.

Pink quartz opens the heart chakra.

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Citrine, a stone of abundance and prosperity, inspires success, imagination, happiness and confidence. It stimulates the zest for life and satisfaction, increases self-confidence and creativity, and encourages honesty. Powerful purifier, this is one of the stones that does not require purification, because it does not hold negative energies, thoughts or feelings. It promotes good physical and mental health and can be used to purify the chakras, being very active on the solar plexus chakra in particular.

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Aventurine is often referred to as the luckiest stone. It offers confidence, optimism and prosperity. It calms irritation and helps give up bad habits. This stone helps manifest money and success. It is particularly useful for travelers, stimulating a feeling of independence and protecting them.

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