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Top 5 stones to help when feeling lonely

It has already been a little over two weeks since the Legault government announced the 28-days quarantine following the surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in two regions of the province. New measures have been added, such as the suspension of sports activities and mandatory masks in schools, and new areas have joined Montreal and Quebec in what the government calls the red zone.

We want to remind you of our support for these measures to control the current pandemic. Although we fully support them, we are also keenly aware of the impact they may have.

After an almost normal summer, where we were able to see our friends and our family, where some workers returned to the office to rediscover the pleasure of chatting with colleagues around the coffee machine and during which we were able to do activities outside our home, going back into confinement can be very hard.

We put together this list of five crystals that will help you deal with any feelings of loneliness you might experience during this time.


If we think of loneliness in terms of a state of mind, malachite is interesting because it allows us to confront, manage, and understand the deep meaning of our emotions, while at the same time keeping them grounded, balanced and in perspective. In this sense, malachite is often referred to as the stone of transformation.

Malachite is used to relieve stress, encourage change, and to heal emotional wounds.

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Pink quartz opens and heals the heart chakra. Called the Stone of Unconditional Love, it draws love into our lives and reminds us to be compassionate towards ourselves and others.

Its gentle energy of compassion, peace and tenderness gently withdraws negative energies that might affect us when we feel alone and replaces them with harmony and emotional balance.

Pink quartz calms depression and loneliness and loosens our emotional wounds.

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Aquamarine is a purifying and lucky stone. Its calming energy reduces stress and calms the mind, giving us the strength and courage to enjoy time alone.

From the Latin aqua marina which means "seawater", aquamarine reminds us of the relaxing effect of being at sea and the loneliness that often comes with it, putting the negative view of loneliness into perspective.

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A stone of pure energy and power, the crystal quartz is a receiver, transmitter, and amplifier. This stone helps to settle multiple concerns, it purifies and absorbs bad energies and negativity. Loneliness that weighs on us can bring its share of negative thoughts and crystal quartz can help you get rid of them.

Crystal quartz gives a boost of energy that can be extremely useful when working from home and lack the energy of the office to find the motivation to complete your tasks.

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Black onyx promotes self-control and emotional balance. It allows you to let go of the physical world and relax. It purifies negative emotions, reduces stress, and brings happiness.

Black onyx is credited with powers that allow it to rid us of the feelings of loneliness and alienation. It also helps us take a step back to have a better overview and is used as a comforting element in unfamiliar surroundings.

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Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

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