Amethyst 6mm

Amethyst 6mm

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Amethyst Bracelet

Discover the regenerative and harmonious properties of amethyst through our jewelry, created with passion and care in Canada. Each piece is unique, emphasizing the exceptional properties of this precious stone.

A symbol of peace, amethyst shines through in our jewelry, offering much more than just aesthetic beauty. It regenerates your entire being through its invigorating and protective effects, stimulating metabolism and strengthening willpower. Our jewels of exceptional quality are more than mere accessories, they are designed to protect your spiritual relationships, soothe your fears, and calm your anger.

This bracelet is an expression of our love for amethyst, with every detail meticulously handcrafted. Embrace the benefits of this precious stone with elegance by choosing our unique jewelry, which combines elegance and harmony. Our jewelry is a true source of peace and strength for your body and mind. By wearing our jewelry, you'll enjoy the benefits of this gemstone, which is known for its healing and soothing properties.

Choose the quality and uniqueness of our Amethyst Bracelet and experience the peace and serenity that this crystal symbolizes. Our jewelry is designed to help you find your inner balance and connect with your deeper self.

We believe that outer beauty reflects inner beauty, and our amethyst jewelry is designed to help you cultivate that inner beauty. If you're looking to reconnect with yourself and the world around you, explore Zen Stone.

Picking the right size for your bracelet
We suggest that you measure your wrist where you wear your jewelry by first using a string, and then measuring the string against a ruler or measuring tape.

Our bracelets are made from natural stones
It is important to know that each stone is unique and that you may find variations in the colours of your stones from one bracelet to another. This is not a defect or discoloration, but rather the natural look of the stone, which makes every one of our bracelets unique!
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