Natural Harmony 8MM

Natural Harmony 8MM

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This bracelet combines health-promoting turquoise with petrified wood, an invitation to slow down.

Turquoise is known for its healing and soothing properties, promoting communication and purification.

Petrified wood, meanwhile, embodies patience and wisdom, inviting us to connect with the natural cycles of life.

Together, these stones offer a harmonious balance between body and mind.

Picking the right size for your bracelet

We suggest that you measure your wrist where you wear your jewelry by first using a string, and then measuring the string against a ruler or measuring tape.

Our bracelets are made from natural stones

It is important to know that each stone is unique and that you may find variations in the colours of your stones from one bracelet to another. This is not a defect or discoloration, but rather the natural look of the stone, which makes every one of our bracelets unique!

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