Black Onyx 6mm

Black Onyx 6mm

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Black Onyx Bracelet

Journey into the mystical depths of black onyx with our handcrafted bracelets made in Canada. Each creation is unique, showcasing the exceptional properties of this stone.

Black onyx is the stone of karmic fulfillment, bringing strength and resilience to your everyday life. Beyond its elegant look, it grants unshakeable protection and stability against negative influences and harassment. Black onyx jewelry also promotes self-control and emotional balance.

Every piece of jewelry we create is a work of love, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Embrace the power of black onyx with style and choose original jewelry that transcends fashion to enhance your well-being. Choose quality, Choose uniqueness, choose the exceptional design of a Zen Stone Black Onyx Bracelet.

Picking the right size for your bracelet
We suggest that you measure your wrist where you wear your jewelry by first using a string, and then measuring the string against a ruler or measuring tape.

Our bracelets are made from natural stones
It is important to know that each stone is unique and that you may find variations in the colours of your stones from one bracelet to another. This is not a defect or discoloration, but rather the natural look of the stone, which makes every one of our bracelets unique!

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